South Europe

South Europe College (SEC) is licensed and accredited by Malta Further and Higher Education Authority as a higher education institution with license No. 2023-012. All (SEC) qualifications are recognized by the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) to facilitate academic recognition of (SEC) qualifications abroad.

At South Europe College (SEC), we are committed to developing the way we deliver the educational content, breaking barriers in the educational process in modern ways and methodologies commensurate with the student’s lifestyle. Our mission is to provide exceptional and affordable accredited postgraduate online education that meets the diverse needs of students worldwide, by exploiting the power of interactive e-learning. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all students by transforming all university courses into open educational sources accessible to all. Through our inspirational and inclusive approach, we aim to nurture a diverse community of lifelong learners, fostering their personal and professional growth, critical thinking, innovation and practical skills. Our college has a selected group of faculty members who are dedicated to supporting students throughout their learning journey, ensuring their success and empowering them to ultimately make a positive impact on the world.


University Fujairah

Midocean University Fujairah, located in the United Arab Emirates, is an educational institution with a registration No. 23-B-113250 and license no. 4248 from Fujairah Freezone. It offers online higher education service. The university  is an extension of Midocean University, which is accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of the Comoros, with a registration No. 22-1110/MENERSFIP/SG. The university provides its services on an unlimited scale and has many international accreditations and partnerships.

The university is one of the investments of the Everyone’s Smart University Holding Group. The university also represents a prominent international model for a global university that offers various academic programs in the fields of management, information technology, human science and digital media.


University Comoros

Midocean University is considered the first 100% online accredited private university in Arab countries that has received a fully online university license from the Ministry of Education in Comoros with license No. 22-1110/MENERSFIP/SG. The university offers highly unique, distinct academic programs online; wherever you are in the world, it provides online educational experiences that can help you achieve your career and academic goals.